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The caudal skeleton had 3 epurais, the urostyle, a small uroneural dorsal to the urostyle, 4 hypurals, and 2 autogenous haemal arches on the antepenultimate and penultimate vertebrae.
maximus in sharing the following attributes: centrum nearly oval in axial view; diagonal lamellae absent in large trunk vertebrae and present in much small caudal centra; intermedialia weakly calcified with well-developed concentric lamellae; basidorsal and basiventral insertions for the neural and haemal arch cartilages well developed with moderately calcified wedge faces; small tubes radiate from the centrum focus (Wintner and Cliff, 1999), passing through concentric lamellae and extend to the margin of the centrum; primary double cone angle, measured from the focus to the anterior or posterior margin of the corpus calcareum, is high; length of centrum much greater than other lamniforms.
Anterior anal-fin pterygiophores were anterior to the first pterygiophore supported by the first haemal spine and did not include the anteriormost 1 or 2 rayless pterygiophores.
These include: a very narrow, splinter-like metapterygoid; short slender gill rakers on the lower limb of the first arch; a short papillae row b, never extending to posterior of the pupil; a modified first haemal arch; the caudal fin elongate but with the upper rays 3,4,5 shorter than the corresponding rays on the ventral half of the fin, forming a notch in the upper margin of the fin.
The caudal skeleton consisted of one ural centrum, preural centra, neural and haemal spines, three epurals, two uroneurals, one superior hypural ([HY.
Essentially, in type A, the last two abdominal vertebrae are of the usual perciform configuration in that they lack a bony connection across the midline between the bases of the paired haemal arches, and the first (and often subsequent two to three) caudal vertebrae have a single greatly enlarged canal with only the tips of the haemal arches fused together in the midline.
Vertebral column At hatching, all neural and haemal spines are present and ossified (Table 2).
First haemal arch not expanded, abdominal/caudal vertebral transition of Type B (Winterbottom & Zur 2007: Fig.
The first caudal vertebra is that with the haemal spine supporting the first anal-fin ray.
Vertebrae and haemal spines were observed from radiographs.
D XIII-XIV, 13-16; A III, 7-9; P1 16-19, 7-11 simple; lateral-line pores 43-54, scales 47-63; gill rakers 32-37 (10-11 + 22-26); vertebrae 28-29 (11-12 + 16-18) (one of ten specimens with 27 vertebrae, with one caudal vertebra bearing two neural and two haemal spines).
Pelagic Benthic juvenile Age (DPH) 5 7 9 12 15 17 23 Neural arches 4 15 18 18 18 18 18 Haemal arches 0 7 13 12 13 13 13 Dorsal 0 0 0 12 12 12 12 pterygiophores Anal 0 0 0 6 7 6.