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the essence that makes something the kind of thing it is and makes it different from any other

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Now, let us imagine for a moment a written text that exists in a state of haecceity.
This shift from quiddity to haecceity echoes the notion shared by Deleuze and Guattari of the relations between smooth and striated spaces when they describe smooth space as "a space of affects, more than one of properties .
Instead of self, it would then be better to speak of haecceity.
Concerning the three problems I raised earlier about various forms of essentialism, Scotus's notion of haecceity resituates the locus of human value and dignity from an essential substantia or nature to a place of particularity.
actualised at the level of history; secondly the molecular lines drawn in the milieu of the first, at the thresholds where becomings emerge, occurring in a non-chronological time; thirdly, the lines of flight, abstract, at the steepest gradients, called lines of rupture, meaning a change of threshold, a 'nothing has happened, but everything has changed', a becoming-minor, a becoming-imperceptible, which dissipates the subject to the benefit of a haecceity and which relies on a war machine.
The individual substance itself, falling under or instantiating the complete concept, just is the nature or haecceity.
Names in Peirce have the 'force to draw attention of the listener to some haecceity common to the experience of the speaker and listener' (Collected Papers, ed.
The I of becoming enters in relationship with other becomings, and echoing Rimbaud's "Je est un autre", becoming is a multiplicity of successive becoming-others to the point of self-erasure: "to reduce oneself to an abstract line, a trait, in order to find one's zone of indiscernibility with other traits, and in this way enter the haecceity and impersonality of the creator" (280).
Those singularities enter into relations that Deleuze calls "haecceity," rather than aggregates, for while aggregates allow for individuation, however temporary and provisional, haecceity doesn't.
Pilatova points out that a haecceity is the property of being the very entity it is.
There is a haecceity to Winter's Prowse, this is not Johnston's time-ravaged, beleaguered historian, but a living, vibrant man existing, walking, hunting in the Newfoundland he wrote about.
Unlike medical books and journals, the haecceity of the software is its ability to cross-reference symptoms to arrive at rare and new diagnoses that the examining physician may have forgotten or may not have ever heard of.
The website, sorry portal, in question is that of Haecceity Inc at www.
The essence of you twinned Quebecite Is an indelibly doubled haecceity.
A thing's value or importance arises out of its own haecceity - the fact that it is - and has objective and subjective aspects.