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any elementary particle that interacts strongly with other particles

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b) The trigger, which is given by external (conventional) interactions, causes the identical electrons to move one toward the other and penetrate the hadronic horizon against Coulomb interaction (once inside the said horizon, the attractive hadronic force overcomes the repulsive Coulomb one), resulting in a bound state.
Despite the many remarkable successes of the Standard Model, hadronic weak interactions remain relatively poorly understood.
Key words: cold neutrons; neutron spin rotation; nucleon-nucleon interaction; parity-violation; spallation neutron source; weak hadronic interaction.
Jung, Hyers--Ulam--Rassias Stability of Functional Equations in Mathematical Analysis, Hadronic press, Palm Harbor, Florida, 2001.
Rassias), Hadronic Press, Florida, USA, (1993), 373-448.
Santilli, has been invited to present TTL's MagneGas and its supporting Hadronic Mechanics at the INE-99 Symposium on New Energy, Salt Lake City, Utah, on August 27-28.
Since many non-perturbative corrections can be minimized considering hadronic interactions induced by virtual photons, it is planned to extend the NLO framework to these reactions (development of a parton density parametrization for virtual photons, calculation of photon interactions taking into account virtuality and initial transverse momentum.
However, hadronic data indicate that this unit is much larger than that of the electric charge: [g.
Material from the conference is in sections on many-body techniques, the density functional method and its applications, atomic clusters, phase transitions, superconductivity and Bose-Einstein condensation, electronic phenomena in solids and plasmas, theoretical aspects of hydrogen fuel cells, quark-gluon dynamics for hadronic matter, and nuclear structure.
For a description of this experiment, please see the article in the Weak Hadronic Interaction section of these proceedings.
Dynamic versus static hadronic structure functions.
Other topics include chiral perturbation theory, two-photon physics in hadronic processes, Glauber modeling in high-energy nuclear collisions, cosmic ray propagation and interactions in the galaxy, the fabrication and operation of germanium detectors, and quantum communication.
Since the limits from the EDMs have uncertainties (from the calculation of the hadronic matrix elements and for d(Hg) also from nuclear structure) which are difficult to asses, the possibility that [D.
Papers are presented grouped into the main topics of structure function, vector mesons, electroweak and beyond the standard model, hadronic final states, heavy flavors, spin physics, and the future of DIS.
An initial program of five experiments in neutron decay, hadronic weak interaction and time reversal symmetry violation have been proposed.