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an Arabic term of respect for someone who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca


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Hadji failed to produce his best form during a three-year spell at Villa Park in the early Noughties, but he still remains a football hero in his homeland and El Ahmadi admits it is a privilege to meet up with the former African footballer of the year, who visits the national team camps to deliver pep talks.
She said that there were a number of Vauxhall cars and Hadji was witnessed there by a security guard at 10pm.
Hadji was elected Chief Mufti at a conference held in March 20, 2005.
Hadji Diouf has faced nothing but controversy after he was accused of spitting at Celtic fans almost 10 years ago.
The FSF said in a statement, that Hadji Diouf was being banned "from performing any football-related activity for a period of five years with effect from the date of notification of this decision".
Another suspect, Hadji Nouh Daiman, a businessman, submitted an affidavit denying that he met with the people who facilitated the bombing incident in the plan to assassinate Tan.
The low-lives who terrorise our streets should be given legal aid a maximum of three times and the rich, for example footballer El Hadji Diouf who was allowed legal aid despite earning in the region of pounds 40,000 per week, should get hee haw.
A Wisconsin store was the target of outrage July 4 when various customers and Muslim groups objected to its sale of "Run Hadji Run" fireworks.
In the argot of the battlefield, hadji joins "gook," "slope," "jap" and other ugly racial epithets as a way of demonizing and humiliating an enemy.
The blow of ending his career with Aston Villa was cushioned for Moustapha Hadji when he considered the high standard of players he will be leaving behind.
Senegal World Cup heroes Diao and El Hadji Diouf were brought in over the summer as Houllier rejigs a squad which won five cups in two seasons.
El Hadji was living in a small town in Guinea-Bissau, and Toby spent a week there as his guest.
Benton Quest, for custody of 11-year-old Jonny Quest and adopted sidekick Hadji.
NYSE:HLF) announces the appointment of Vlad Hadji as country director of Herbalife Russia.
emotion, joie et satisfaction ont impregne la ceremonie d'arrivee, hier, du groupe de hadji envoyes par le president de la Republique.