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the fifth pillar of Islam is a pilgrimage to Mecca during the month of Dhu al-Hijja

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Habib Ben Hadj Kouider a, a cette occasion, indique que 2017 est l'annee de la transformation de la banque ; il a remercie toute personne ayant contribue a la reussite de ce projet.
The aim of the meeting was the presentation of the Tunisian doctor Ben Hadj Ali, who has come to train medical staff at the Sampaka Psychiatric Centre.
Emphasising that there is a need therefore for the Arab world to design a curriculum in Arabic language for the large non-Arab Muslim population, Hadj lauded the role of AlFanar Qatar Islamic Cultural Center in developing a separate curriculum to teach Arabic to both Muslims and Non-Muslims.
Speaking at the seminar, Sadi said that he was "shocked" by the decision to name Tlemcen Airport after Messali Hadj who had, he claimed, "betrayed the revolution.
Le directeur general du Hadj et Omrah Al Motie Mohammad Ahmad a declare a la SUNA que les arrangements du Hadj pour l'annee courant sera facile et distinguee et que le cout du pelerinage est raisonnable par rapport a l'annee derniere.
Hadj Sahraoui said, "The Iranian authorities have retained an iron grip over academic establishments, even allowing state security and intelligence bodies to oversee disciplinary procedures on campuses.
It is a depressing sign that in Egypt, where in 2011 mass protests were the driving force for change, prominent activists are now being thrown behind bars merely for taking part in demonstrations," said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui.
The tactics used by mobs in recent protests is a harrowing reminder of the sexual harassment and assault against women protesters under ousted president Hosni Mubarak," said Hadj Sahraoui.
Victims have nowhere to turn to seek justice and redress as the judiciary remains virtually paralysed,' said Hadj Sahraoui.
According to the Hadj and Umra Center of Kyrgyzstan, 3 466 pilgrims from Kyrgyzstan registered for Hadj 2012, reported press office of Muftiyat.
Summary: A pied, a dos de chameau, a la voile, des millions de pelerins ont pris, siecle apres siecle, la route de La Mecque: au British Museum, une exposition d'une ampleur inedite sur ce hadj initie aux rites du plus grand pelerinage annuel du monde, largement meconnu des non-Musulmans.
As such horrendous cases of human rights abuse keep piling up, the Bahraini authorities' promises of change ring ever more hollow," said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Amnesty International's Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa.
On a recent Friday evening, El Hadj and several of his friends are outside the Economics Faculty of the University of Athens, each one standing with a pile of leather bags, hawking their wares in the hope of making a rare sale.
RED tape has scuppered Rangers' move for Algerian star Lazhar Hadj Aissa.
AaAa HM King Mohammed VI and Gabon's President El Hadj Ali Bongo Ondimba called for the settlement of these conflicts through dialogue, negotiations and consultation, said a joint statement issued following the visit of the Gabonese President to Morocco (March 15-17).