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Synonyms for haddock

lean white flesh of fish similar to but smaller than cod

important food fish on both sides of the Atlantic

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They possess a quite dazzling and transcendent beauty which separates them by a wide interval from the cadaverous cod and haddock whose fame is trumpeted in our streets.
So the Haddocks, working with the card companies, put red flag alerts on all their cards, blocking all transactions unless a personal phone call confirmed its legitimacy.
The Haddocks still have the red flags on their cards, but they haven't received any warning calls for a year.
Judge Ian Trigger said officials had failed to provide the resources to enable him to lock up serial robber Grace Haddock indefinitely.
Haddock, 36, tricked her way into elderly Lillian Whatling's Wirral home, where she has lived for 60 years, to steal her handbag.