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professional work done according to formula

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Given this rate of production, hackwork was inevitable, yet modern reprints have shown Fortune stands the test of literary time.
On leaving Gillot's studio he enrolled as a student at the Academie Royale and earned a pitiful living from decorative hackwork at the Palais de Luxembourg.
The dismissal of the Henry VI plays, King John, Henry VIII, and Edward III to the realm of immature hackwork is at odds with the plays' effectiveness onstage, particularly in the early modern period, something that may derive in part from the page's inability to convey the charisma of the women onstage, an argument she supports with reference to the size of the female audience at the first performances.
The Lantiers have to live in his wretchedly cold and uncomfortable studio, and he's forced to do degrading hackwork.
A greater destiny lay before him, whereas Moore subsided into prosaic hackwork, until his Life of Byron carried him to posterity on the greater writer's dolphin back.
Now and then father would write some piece on the history of the Communist Party, calling it hackwork.
This marginal note is cited by James Bogan in connection with the large drawing; see Bogan, "From Hackwork to Prophetic Vision: William Blake's Delineation of the Laocoon Group," Publications of the Arkansas Philological Association 6 (1980): 49 (33-51).
A movie based on Charles Atlas ads would be both more realistic and more entertaining than the moist, dithering hackwork slinking into theaters under the moniker ``Joe Somebody.
I reviewed the book by describing it as self-serving, cliche-ridden hackwork not worth anyone's time, much less money.
But what can be said of a man of Clemens's wit, ability and position deliberately imposing upon an unoffending public a piece of careless hackwork in which a few good things are dropped amid a mass of rubbish" (p.
Focusing on the political implications, which again provide only the background of the novel and not its substance, West German critics tended to ignore its immense literary achievement and to dismiss it as political hackwork.
Much of Burroughs' oeuvre is sheer hackwork, and the author knew it.
He worries that his long career as a book critic consisted mostly of hackwork, and his daughter and granddaughter are similarly adrift.
The score is no mere hackwork, unrelated to the film's central themes as Jack Kroll has objected.
To allow our English majors to graduate without being able to differentiate between the linguistic qualities of a masterpiece such as Moby-Dick and a piece of hackwork would be akin to allowing Fine Arts students to graduate without the ability to recognize the artistic merits of Michelangelo's David as compared with the failings of a botched effort such as Bandinelli's Hercules and Cacus (a work ridiculed mercilessly by Cellini in his Autobiography).