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Synonyms for hacksaw

saw used with one hand for cutting metal

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Available to merchants from January 2003, the Eclipse High Access Junior Hacksaw has a recommended retail price of $7.
McGrady, 48, captured on CCTV buying the hacksaw blades he used to sever Rochelle's head and limbs, had a history of rape and sexual assault.
Harbridge claimed that he shot only after Rowe lunged at him with a can of pepper spray fitted with an inch-long hacksaw blade.
Limited Tenders are invited for Power Hacksaw Machine
DISCOVERY astronauts are preparing to carry out repairs to the shuttle never before attempted in space using a hacksaw.
During the weeklong trial, Harbridge testified that he fired to protect himself after Rowe lunged at him with a canister of pepper spray fitted with an inch-long hacksaw blade.
Astronaut Stephen Robinson will swap state-of-the-art space tools for a hacksaw when he floats on a 58ft robotic arm beneath the shuttle to repair filler on thermal tiles.
But taking the stand on his own behalf last week, Harbridge said he shot in self-defense after Rowe attempted to gouge him with a canister of pepper spray fitted with a one-inch hacksaw blade.
The boy stole his dad's double-barrelled shotgun from a gun cabinet, smuggled it into his bedroom and used a hacksaw to shorten the barrels.
Tenders are invited for purchase of Power Hacksaw, Drill Machine, Planner and Slotters
They eventually decided to solve the delicate problem with an ordinary hacksaw and carefully cut through the metal.
Tenders are invited for Supply of stores supply of hand HACKSAW FRAME wooden of 300 mm ()
Looks like somebody has crudely chopped the back off with a hacksaw to create an open deck - and that's probably not far from the truth.
I thought they'd only get her out of here with a hacksaw,'' he said.
Tina, who has had two other cars stolen, had no choice but to ask her husband Craig, 35, to bring a hacksaw to the scene.