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a compact breed of harness horse

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I would be very interested to know how many of these people own more than one hackney carriage.
WITH reference to the debate over taxi fares (Viewpoints, November 9 and 15), the reason for the difference between fares charged between private hire and hackney cars is down to the Hackney Association's dithering a few years ago when Cardiff County Council proposed a fare increase due to rising fuel costs.
It works out at about 50p on the average trip, a small price to pay for the convenience of a car coming to you rather than you walking to the nearest main road in the hope that a hackney is passing on its way to the city centre.
Only buses and hackney carriages can carry private advertising.
The reason,according to the local councils, is to discourage people from illegally flagging down private hire cabs by making sure they are less conspicuous than hackney carriages.
The decision was greeted with hostility by some taxi operators in Merthyr who claimed another seven Hackneys on the streets would reduce their share of available fares.
Representing Merthyr Tydfil Taxi Association back in 1998, he led other cabbies in defeating a decision by councillors to introduce a yellow livery for all Hackneys in the town.
The board of Aer Rianta has empowered its chairman, Noel Hanlon, to deal with the taxi situation, which includes allowing him to call in hackney carriages.
can trace its history back to 17th century England, where the Hackney London Coach was a standard for transportation efficiency.
According to Rick Roll, vice president of sales and marketing for Hackney & Sons, Inc.
I UNDERSTAND the Cardiff Hackney Association, that's the black-and-white taxis, has asked Cardiff council to have the meters taken out of private-hire cars, that's Premier, Dragon etc.
And Hackneys which look like people carriers may encourage bogus drivers.
Private-hire drivers say they are forced to charge passengers more as they can only access the popular strip by one route, Guildhall Place, while Hackney cabs can use bus lanes.
IT SEEMS the reason for allowing more hackney licences is that at busy times when there are sporting events or concerts and every Friday and Saturday, the public have to wait around the city centre for sometimes up to two hours to catch a taxi.
For this new fleet of 180,000 vehicles, VT Hackney will be offering an integrated aluminum cargo and cab body designed for 20 years of service.