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a carriage for hire

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Lydia and Wickham had been seen to leave the chaise that would have carried them toward Scotland and enter a hackney coach headed toward London (PP 282).
Hackney coachmen were subject to steep fines for deviating from the fares sent by the Hackney Coach Office.
200 YEARS AGO: Caution, on Thursday the driver of a Hackney coach was fined by our Magistrates to the penalty of ten shillings for driving too near the carriage of a gentlemen on the road, as to endanger the overturning of it, and putting him and the lady who was with him in great fear.
The Hackneys transplanted their business to the colonies in the 1700s, and have built a reputation that their progenitors would be proud of, although today a Hackney coach is more likely to carry cases of beer than human cargo.
In 1588 Elizabeth I was recorded as taking a Hackney coach to St Paul's Cathedral for a thanksgiving service, following the defeat of the Spanish Armada.