hackney carriage

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a carriage for hire

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A " s I expect to be granted a Hackney carriage licence by Leeds very soon this will mean that I have a pecuniary interest in many of the reports which are considered at Licensing and Safety Committee and Regulatory Panel.
But on June 12 Mr Dunn was seen again driving a Hackney Carriage with a passenger in the vehicle.
Until they start we don't know if we treat them as hackney carriage or private hire drivers as it seems they fall between the two," he said.
Hackney carriages, which are usually black and can pick fares up on the street, rather than having to have them privately booked, are restricted to a select number of models and specifications.
Cardiff council now wants to reduce the cost of a Hackney Carriage Vehicles Renewal from PS303 to PS163 for the one-year licence and from PS168 to PS104 for the six-month licence.
Once licensed, hackney carriages always remain hackney carriages, and similarly with private hire vehicles.
Coventry City Council has no power to limit the overall number of taxi vehicle licences (including hackney carriage and private hire licences), but hackney carriage vehicle licences alone may be capped.
If however the Liverpool Hackney carriage drops off in Sefton and there is a private booking through the operatorwithwhom they are affiliated (such as Com Cab etc,) at an address in Sefton, theyare allowed topick that fare up before returning to their own area of licensing.
Therefore, there is currently nothing in place requiring a Hackney carriage driver to be clean and respectable in their dress, as there is for private hire drivers.
During the 20th century, cars generally replaced horse-drawn models, and the last horse-drawn hackney carriage ceased service in London in 1947.
Hackney Carriage (2-1F), proving an altogether different proposition from the red box, was good value for a two-length defeat of Droopys Majella (3-1) in the second semi, clocking 29.
Birmingham's New Street station could be hit by 'taxi wars' with council chiefs set to allow any hackney carriage to pick up passengers there.
But despite having four photo IDs, including a hackney carriage driving licence and a British driving licence, the budget airline's staff left him stranded in Dublin.
However, on June 12, Mr Dunn was seen again driving a Hackney Carriage with a passenger in the vehicle.
Members of Kirklees Hackney Carriage Association have threatened to strike on one day in the next six weeks unless Kirklees Council changes planned regulations were unveiled on Wednesday.