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a compact breed of harness horse

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Because Hackney has worked in so many different genres and with such varied materials, it is difficult to characterize his work in one way, yet his paintings tend to include bold color, exquisite use of line, a strong awareness of light and shadow, and an interest in pattern and texture.
Mr Hackney added: "At this stage of my career I prefer to have freedom to work in a broader-based way and it's much easier to do that as an independent.
A police spokeswoman said officers on routine patrol found the teenager shortly before 1am in Amhurst Road, Hackney, east London.
Those generations are not going to write things down anymore, at least not routine things like transaction details," Hackney said.
The council, being of the view that the only people benefiting from the service was the hackney trade, therefore decided in a true council knee-jerk reaction (later rescinded) to raise the hackney licensing fees by approximately 200% to pay for the service - public safety at any price, so long as someone else paid for it.
A booking system allows customers to hire hackney cabs at the same rate as private hire vehicles.
For this new fleet of 180,000 vehicles, VT Hackney will be offering an integrated aluminum cargo and cab body designed for 20 years of service.
This group of multi-purpose event venues, features two beautifully restored Art-Deco town halls, an eighteenth century mansion house, a former water pumping station, a state-of-the-art conference venue and a RIBA award-winning sporting centre, Hackney Venues has a space to offer any event from conferences and receptions to wedding celebrations and private parties.
But Hackney did not turn up either, meaning no one was at the earlymorning ceremony for tragic Paul Moreland.
Hackney carriages, which are usually black and can pick fares up on the street, rather than having to have them privately booked, are restricted to a select number of models and specifications.
For the last year Mark Strange, a taxi driver of 15 years, has been leading a campaign for a hackney rank to be installed in the revamped town centre.
Prior to leading Avaya's fastest growing business unit, Hackney was senior vice president of Avaya worldwide sales, marketing and field operations.
DO you really know the difference between a hackney carriage and a private hire vehicle?
com)-- The Hackney Plastic Surgery Center (http://www.
BRITISH rapper Professor Green went back to his childhood stomping ground to open the second day of BBC Radio 1's Hackney Weekend.