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Synonyms for hackle

long slender feather on the necks of e

comb with a heckle

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Mr Hackling, also of Risca, died after being rescued.
All technical hemp and flax fibres, including the hackling noil, occur as compact bundles of elementary fibres that are characterised by a high degree of lignifications of both their cell walls and the intermediate lamellae that cement the elementary fibres into bundles [Blascu, 2007] [Bla[degrees]cu, 2006] [Malcomete, 2000] [Blascu, 2007] [Blascu, 2007].
All variants were tested using a single lot of hemp hackling noil with a linear density of 4.
Sequence of operations in chemical modification of hemp and flax hackling noil Variant I Variant II Variant III Variant IV -Treatment -Treatment with 2% with 3% emollients emollients preparation preparation Pektochem Pektochem bath bath -Removal of -Removal of bath bath -Scouring -Scouring with use of with use of detergents detergents -Final -Final operations operations Table 2.