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Synonyms for hackle

long slender feather on the necks of e

comb with a heckle

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Since no hackle is used (unless the wing itself is fashioned from hackle fibers), the resulting fly is simple, fairly fast, and inexpensive to tie.
Instead, they will wear purple hackles in a drive to forge "common TA identities".
They must be tied with large, stiff hackle, and I don't know anybody that stocks the flies commercially, so I have to tie them myself.
Bob Urwin prevailed for the Westoe as did Gary Dunn for the Hackle.
However, victories by Peter Buglass, John Hunter and Denis Archbold made it 12-5 to the Red Hackle.
Chris Reay, Peter Buglass Jonathan Hunter, Gary Dunn, and Dennis Archbold all won to give the Hackle a 15-0 lead.
The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders were issued with new green hackles - feathered emblems - to replace their old black ones after the new Royal Regiment of Scotland was formed this year.
Phil Armstrong won for the Lad but wins by Chris Reay, Colin Gillespie, Gary Dunn and Peter Buglass and a draw between Dennis Archbold and Dave Ward gave the Red Hackle a 12-5 victory.
Red Hackle were visitors to the Westoe Room and were 3-2 down after the triples and the pairs.
The shake-up will mark the end of the Black Watch's famous red hackle - and hundreds of years of tradition.
Red Hackle played the Prince Edward and were 3-2 ahead before the start of the singles.
Alberta welcomed the Red Hackle, and the Hackle held a 3-2 lead after the triples and the pairs.
We did our duty and will go on doing our duty, keeping our cap badge, the Red Hackle.
THE Red Hackle edged out the Snooker Club 9-8 in their latest match in the South Tyneside Super League.
The Westoe Bar A played the Red Hackle and it was the Hackle who took a 4-1 lead into the start of the singles.