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  • noun

Synonyms for hacker

someone who plays golf poorly

a programmer who breaks into computer systems in order to steal or change or destroy information as a form of cyber-terrorism

a programmer for whom computing is its own reward

one who works hard at boring tasks

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T underground Indian hackers have joined hands with online hacktivist group Anonymous in a cyber war against ISIS following the Paris attacks.
Indian hackers posted their country flag on PPP's official website, www.
Since it was such a low level site, it is possible that the hack attack was just part of a training exercise for hackers the Iranian government is training for more meaningful attacks later.
The hackers also asked the government file complain against Shadoow008 to Federal Investigation Authority (FIA).
In order to deter hackers from attacking again, Apple accessories supplier iThrough has invited experts to strike back at hackers.
Islamabad, Nov 4(ANI): A group of Pakistani hackers going by the name of 'Predators PK' have hacked 270 Indian websites, including that of the Central Bureau of Investigation.
David Hobson, Managing Director at GSS, said that a US government video of a power station generator, released to the media, clearly shows what can happen when hackers take over control of a turbine system.
Most hackers aren't skilled enough to actually retrieve records and related data.
Any sort of sensitive information being transmitted or stored on a PC over a Wi-Fi network is definitely a risk," says the former hacker, who says he's hacked into school networks and found Excel spreadsheets with student grades, login passwords for student grade systems and even explicit pictures stored on teachers' hard drives.
Hackers are no longer fringe elements, but rather organized, career criminals that launch precision or targeted attacks in order to hold for ransom, destroy and steal information--all with a financial profit in mind.
Software "patches" to update source code or alter it to subvert hackers or other invaders represent an ever-growing cost item, especially for major organizations with locations around the country or around the world.
The gang--made up of six hackers, four bank officials who are needed to authorize illicit bank withdrawals, and five federal policemen who act as lookouts for electronic law enforcement on their trail--illicitly wires funds from Brazilian bank accounts to phantom accounts, where money is withdrawn to buy anything from cars to computer equipment.
It's not the broadband connection that increases your risk, it's because you've extended the time you're online, and a hacker has more opportunity to get into your system, where he or she can access personal information stored on your computer and even steal your identity.
Stephen Charles Hacker died on July 14, aged 50, in his adoptive home town of Forres in Moray, north east Scotland.
The Hacker Diaries: Confessions of Teenage Hackers.