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a mediocre and disdained writer

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When I asked whether he'd be playing the hack writer, Martin burst into laughter.
Along the way, we meet Lisa's gay friend, Tate (Nat DeWolf), a hack writer who's starring off-off-off Broadway in a one-man show about homophobia, which he performs entirely in his bun-hugging underpants.
He closes by bringing the topic into contemporary times by comparing the attempts of Melville and Stephen King, among others, to escape the brand of popular hack writer with brilliant but low-selling books.
When Jonas returns to the table, a hack writer has joined Christine at their table.
Munday was a hack writer who, alert to the absence of new captivity accounts and new English heroes, sought to make some profit by re-telling Fox's story.
Annie Proulx's 1994 best seller about a hack writer who returns to his roots in coastal Newfoundland to write about car crashes and the shipping business for the town's pitiful local paper.
Plot elements: Star-crossed lovers; gender reversal; life imitates theater; romance turns hack writer into artist.
Yuki is the daughter of divorced parents, her father a wildly successful hack writer who has engaged a gay manservant and has links with the very same aforementioned prostitution ring, and her mother a well-known career photographer with no succoring instincts who has taken on a one-armed American lover, a casualty of the Vietnam War, who dies suddenly in a freak accident.
The original idea was probably purchased by Lloyd from an unnamed source, then worked on by hack writers on his staff," she says.
Simon Reade points out that the film Shakespeare in Love ingeniously satirised Hollywood by pointing up its striking parallels with the Elizabethan theatre, where teams of hack writers were kept hard at work churning out scripts for producers desperate for a popular hit.
com, considered solely as an exercise in fiction writing, comes across just the way you would expect a novel conceived by a team of programmers and hack writers to come across.
Eschewing the easy route of hiring hack writers to pump out short boilerplate novels, we have approached established authors to write in a different format.