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saw used with one hand for cutting metal

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I had a hack saw and someone said 'Don't saw the cat
Step One Buy yourself a water butt and a rain diverter kit, you'll also need a tape measure, spirit level, power drill, hole saw bit, a screwdriver and a hack saw.
It grew to a machine shop with 46 bays served by a shaft system that ran flat belt drive machine tools including a lathe, drill press, power hack saw, and later a vertical milling machine.
Joan's inspiration for 'egging' was triggered 35 years ago when reading a magazine: "I saw an article about Faberge and I just thought 'wow, they look fabulous' so I got myself an egg and tried cutting it with scissors and it smashed, then I tried with a needle and it smashed, then my husband Michael gave me a hack saw and I cut it in half, lined it and began to decorate it.
Tools and materials required: hack saw, trowel, several water pails, grouting sponges, hammer, grout, file, long straight edge, nails, slate, thinset.
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents seized a decorative dagger, a hack saw, duct tape, a meat tenderiser, barbecue skewers, a duffel bag, the cutting board, a computer, and a videotape about a serial killer.
The foot holders are cut about an inch from the bottom using a hack saw, if necessary a block of wood or some other material can be used as a spacer and placed between the foot holder and the pedal if the trike is too large for your child.
After the war, sales dropped off and in order to re-establish its foothold in Europe, the company opened a manufacturing facility in Scotland to produce hack saw blades.
Tool box essentials like a hack saw and a pipe cutter are handy, but when it comes to tackling bigger projects like cutting thick circular or rectangular pipe, or conduit, nothing beats the versatility of a cordless band saw.
We set to with a hack saw, the only weapon in our armoury that we had at the time.
A 12-inch length of PVC drilled with vent holes and fitted with removable end caps will also shield chum blocks (use a hack saw to trim chunks to fit your tube).
He appeared as Eminem chasing Harry round the stage with a hack saw.
Measure the distance between the top two corners of the screen and use a hack saw to cut the tie-bar to size, securing the end to the glass holder.
Sitting me down in what resembles a dentist's chair, Michelle (who also loves shoes, and admits to having about 85 pairs), instructs me to put my feet into what resembles a floor-level Belfast sink full of warm water and suds while she disappears for a few minutes, presumably to find a hack saw.