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shading consisting of multiple crossing lines

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The reproduction of automated historical hachuring styles in the modern mapping environment has proven even more elusive.
On the Dufour map, these two logics tightly control hachuring such that the production of the illusion of geomorphic three-dimensionality, which is enhanced by consistent northwest illumination, interferes with no other cartographic information.
Demand from the military for more land feature details on maps in the late 19th century, led to the introduction of contours and the colour green that can still be seen on modern-day maps, that do not include hachuring.
The hachuring on the township survey suggests a way of estimating the volume of the displaced material by reconstructing the pre-slide topographic surface as a staircase with broad treads ascending the valley side.
This technique differs from the traditional method -- polishing a plain metal surface and having the acid "bite" into the metal -- and consisted in hachuring the surface and blackening it entirely.