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shading consisting of multiple crossing lines

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Desktop hachure maps from digital elevation models.
While the mountain pictographs of the Homann map rely on an outline in combination with shade-lines on the southeastern slopes (implying high-oblique, northwest illumination), the mountain forms of the Dunn map are rendered by hachures (slope lines) on multiple sides.
214-224), on the other hand, provides explicit rules for rendering slope and shadow hachures.
The presentation of the maps harks back to the original printed maps of the period, with their distinctive watercolour-like tones, hachures and lettering, and their fascinating historical and geological information.
Le corps se dresse presque droit au dessus, sans indication d'aile ou de queue; le plumage est seulement indique par hachures le long du dos.
Their successful demonstration of techniques for generating simplified line drawings from photographed 3D objects established a vocabulary for further NPR research on the extraction of edges (rendered as silhouette lines) and components of surface curvature, represented by hachures.
The most significant map-design research on reference maps, as opposed to thematic maps, was carried out on topographic maps, including those symbolized with isolines (contours), hachures, and shaded relief (Eley 1987; Griffin and Lock 1979; Hsu and Robinson 1970; Phillips 1984; Phillips et al.
Relief is shown by hachure with towns, cities, and major topographical features identified.