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shading consisting of multiple crossing lines

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Slope hachuring was explored extensively by both Swiss and German cartographers who developed a standardized method of representing slopes using thick and thin hachures allowing both the identification of slope aspect as well as the differentiation between steep and flat terrain (Imhof 2007).
For spatial analysis, the obvious option is to present data on maps, with the variable of interest divided into classes or categories, and plotted using colors or hachure within each geographic unit, known as a choropleth map (Marshall, 1991).
the groups or types of characteristic elements have to be rendered by symbols, hachure, or colors, according to the importance of the phenomenon.
Several strategies for using linework to show surface trends were explored: 1) employing simple hachures as lines of steepest slope; 2) limiting hachure rendering to regions adjacent to stream channels (to suggest surface curvature); and 3) sampling elevations along surface profiles away from creases to render 3D curves.
However, this pattern of small-scale variation has been recorded in a hachure survey [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5 OMITTED] of a length of c.
Hachure maps vary line orientation and thickness with aspect and slope respectively (Imhof 1982).
1915, in a version with hachures held in the Dickson offices of the ACT Planning and Land Authority.
20) Impressionistic in their disposition, ungoverned by any numerical framework, Dunn's hachures produce the illusion of three-dimensional form in three competing views: profile for the highest peaks, high oblique (or bird's eye) for the middle range, and plan for the lowest peaks.