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a large estate in Spanish-speaking countries

the main house on a ranch or large estate

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On January 1, 1994, the hacendados fled, and the capangas ran behind them.
El hacendado Eguiguren le dice a Briones que "las jerarquias, el orden son eternos" y que "se nace para disponer y mandar o ser dispuesto y servir.
The others are absorbed through informal mechanisms of circulation: one is taken in by the wife of the hacendado and the rest are perhaps distributed to other tenant farmer households--households that had reason to value the presence of young, unpaid dependants.
Just two years later, a few hacendados formed a society to promote, perfect, and increase the cultivation of henequen.
Don Vicente es un hacendado espanol y Antonia es una mujer indigena, huerfana que no habla espanol.
Each owner, upon registering his brand, acquired the title of hacendado or "rancher" along with a number of rights and prerogatives.
As deputy Luis Cabrera put it in 1917: "If an Indian's vote has not the same value as one from a civilized Creole citizen, it is preferable that the votes of one hundred Indians count as much as one hacendado vote.
Taking advantage of the political opening after the fall of Gomez, the peasants invaded land, destroyed property, and even brutally killed a local hacendado seen as a particularly vile example of elite exploitation of the peasantry.
His goal was to retake lands which had been confiscated by hacendados.
Varios hacendados, por su parte, hostigaron a los trabajadores para que no se unieran a los sindicatos.
The hacendados were not always friendly to the Cheos and could not be counted on to volunteer their plantation-style houses for Cheos' preaching.
The newcomers consisted of hacendados and mine owners from the highlands and valleys, military officers, administrators, professionals and a substantial number of foreigners'.
It counted amongst its members, hacendados (landowners), planters and professionals who formed the Cuban aristocracy.
Sin embargo, es interesante hacer notar tambien que el credito regional (particularmente de los comerciantes y hacendados de Guadalajara) poco intervino en la extraccion de la plata, la cual--salvo en los inicios de la colonizacion- siempre necesito grandes inversiones.
Historians have well documented how these actors--foreign petroleum companies, geologists, diplomats, urban dwellers, oil field and refinery workers, hacendados (owners of rural estates), indigenous, state and national politicians, and bureaucrats--interacted in driving the rapid development of Mexico's oil fields in the early twentieth century, how they were transformed by the revolution of 1910-20, and how their actions culminated in the petroleum industry's nationalization in 1938.