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Synonyms for habitue

frequent visitor


Synonyms for habitue

a regular patron

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Les clients, majoritairement de sexe masculin, remarqueront tres vite une tierce personne, surtout s'il s'agit d'une femme, qu'elle assure une presence reguliere et qu'elle pratique une consommation de biere en deca des standards des habitues.
Days piled high collapse and How colourfully each other self unwinds (all works 2005)--her titles are taken from Dada poetry by Emmy Hennings, a Monte Verita habitue and one of the founders of the Cabaret Voltaire--are the most resonant depictions here of the wistful atmosphere of the mountain, successfully rendered through the prism of more familiar visions of its distant cousins of '60s counterculture.
Although the team of October 11, 1958, was rooted to the bottom of the table, even the most pessimistic habitue of the Gwaldys Street end, could not have predicted the headline in that night's pink Echo.
I was a poker player, a habitue of gambling dens, and I also spent much time among criminals.
Midnight Blue is Washington, DC vets Curtis Pope (trumpet), Selena McDay (vocals), and Artie Sherman (vocals, Hammond B3), each a habitue of the District's blues haunts for decades.
Scenes from the Studio (clockwise from top): Andy Warhol, Calvin Klein, Brooke Shields, and 54 cofounder Steve Rubell at the club's 1981 reopening after Rubell served time for tax evasion; designer Halston escorts Elizabeth Taylor; pop superstars Olivia Newton-John and Elton John show off their late-'70s duds; Liza Minnelli hangs with Mikhail Baryshnikov; Divine (lower left) gets down with 54 habitue Grace Jones (center).
As preposterous as this appears to those living here in the cinematic tundra, to Vancouver-born actor/director Jason Priestly, a habitue of Los Angeles, it defies logic.
Gail Kern Paster explores simultaneously what she aptly terms the "internal habitue" (the turbulence of the body as subjects experience it) and the way that habitue is discursively disciplined and codified by formations of embarrassment and shame which produce class and gender distinctions.
Finally, not long ago I came upon a draft chapter from a forthcoming book by Charles Murray, a Harvard-trained political scientist and habitue of respectably right-wing think tanks, best known for his perverse argument for "tough love" welfare reform.
Habitue des rondes populaires et du theatre de la [beaucoup moins que] halqa [beaucoup plus grand que], Seddik Mahi presentera, durant cette manifestation, des contes puises du patrimoine oral populaire algerien, notamment les contes et legendes du sud algerien, dont [beaucoup moins que] el moula el moula [beaucoup plus grand que] qui a fait le tour de plusieurs festivals internationaux.
A former habitue of New York's East Greenwich Village punk scene, Polk has shot rare backstage images of Sid Vicious, Debbie Harry, Joey Ramone, Iggy Pop and other punk luminaries.
Whether you're a habitue of "show tunes night" at your local karaoke bar or just someone who likes to sing along with Turner Classic Movies, three new DVD releases will charm the big gay musical-comedy lover in you, just in time for holiday list, making.
Think Ivana Trump, Joan Collins, Sharon Stone or the habitue of Hello's social pages.
Kaj Pindal, then a young animator, recalls being a regular habitue of the theatre at Copenhagen's railway station in the late 1940s.
Wendt, known to millions as the laconic barroom habitue Norm in television's "Cheers," plays Daniel's best friend, scientist Harry Finley.