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Synonyms for habituation

being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs)

a general accommodation to unchanging environmental conditions

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It has been described temporal specificity of the CTA retrieval (Moron, Manrique, Molero, Ballesteros, Gallo, & Fenton, 2002) and temporal specificity of latent inhibition of CTA (Molero, Moron, Ballesteros, Manrique, Fenton, & Gallo, 2005; Molero-Chamizo, 2013), but the direct effect of different periods of contextual habituation on the temporal specificity of latent inhibition of CTA is unknown.
Previous studies have shown that patients with episodic migraine may present alterations in blink reflex, particularly regarding habituation to the stimulus, while TTH, cluster headache, cervicogenic headache and hypnic headache all presented negative or controversial information on the blink reflex responses.
This 41-year-old male patient had severe Diabetic retinopathy, which probably compromised his ocular component of habituation.
Leopardi's views of pleasure, habituation, nature and other key concepts were developed in the context of the Enlightenment and Romanticism, as we are often reminded by Leopardi scholars.
4 and argues instead that proper habituation involves doing virtuous actions with the right motive, that is, for the sake of the noble, even though learners do not yet have virtuous dispositions.
Abdel Ghaffar told the police chiefs during the meeting that reform efforts should accumulate over time and that achieving security discipline should come through an inclusive strategy that includes habituation.
Habituation refers to our tendency over time to get used to the boosts of happiness we receive from new positive experiences, so they no longer have the same effect.
Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.
No doubt there is an element of food habituation in the story, but there is something more going on.
We quickly adapt and get used to having new possessions so the novelty wears off - a process called habituation.
One is habituation, the dulling of sexual senses as a couple becomes familiar with each other.
This natural approach plays on the fear instinct of the birds, which short circuits the learning process and prevents habituation.
Bejder L, Samuels A, Whitehead H, Finn H and Allen S (2009) Impact assessment research: use and misuse of habituation, sensitisation and tolerance in describing wildlife responses to anthropogenic stimuli.
Differential Context-Specificity in the Habituation of the Eyeblink and Cardiac Responses in Humans