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The program aims at preparing and habilitating arbitrators in the GCC countries to work on settling commercial disputes in alternate methodologies.
Alexandria has started lighting its first residential building using solar energy in the Montazah neighbourhood, amid a process of habilitating 12 buildings for the same purpose, as well as the lighting of 10 schools.
KUWAIT, April 6 (KUNA) -- Five training programs have been worked out with aim of habilitating freshly graduates citizens to be employed in public sectors in need for qualified personnel.
The program aims at habilitating national cadres in the GCC to work in the field of arbitration and to elevate the level of arbitration for those who are interested in the area of arbitration.
This also fulfills the mission of the agency--to improve Ohio's future by habilitating youths and empowering families and communities.
The manager is also recommending that the remaining 20 percent ($856,902) of free cash be appropriated to the city's Neighborhood Stabilization Grant account so the city can repay the state housing grant funds spent on ineligible expenses habilitating an apartment building at 5 May St.
The report said that the Manpower Ministry prepares programs and systems for Professional training that meet the requirements of Omani market through a set of professional training and technical education that contains identification of training and habilitating tracks in professional training centres.
On projects that will be implemented by the two councils and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, Pena said the 278,000 euro bilateral cooperation project will contribute to enhancing institutional work and habilitating the technical staff of the Jordanian Economic and Social Council.
Summary: DUBAI - Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI), has recently announced the launch of a new program targeting Judicial Police aims at habilitating and qualifying judicial police officers working at all federal and local government departments.
The two sides discussed DJI's key programs for training judges and prosecutors and habilitating experts, along with major projects for developing the judicial system in Dubai such as the "Law Forum," "Experts Debate Program," and "Knowledge Management.
There is the transnational appeal of the "liberal-Islamic" narrative that many Muslims are increasingly habilitating as an alternative to the "American" counter-narrative and there is increasingly global and organized anti-war movement that continues to pre-empt the myths and lies concocted to lure us into conflicts.