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60aE (by right bishops alone make decisions and determinations), 60aD (pope can invite and habilitate others), 60bE-61aA (unanimous consent of bishops at council required to extend franchise in absence of pope), 58bE-59aB (experts should be invited to advise).
The term habilitate is floating to the top of criminal explanations because it is more defining than the term rehabilitation.
Tenders are invited for Drawing design and execution tore habilitate the suspension foot over bridge over theriver churniatranaghatofranaghathighwaysubdivisionundernadiahighwaydivisionnoiiofpwroadsdirectorateduringtheyear201620173rdcall))
The workshop is in line with the approach to habilitate them for integration into the society, by providing certain jobs that suit their capacities, as well as needs of the labor market, Al-Shatti said.
The difference marked by the prefix "re-" no longer denotes repetition: not only "to once again" habilitate, as in the adult, but rather giving these people for the first time a capability or ability to achieve a better quality of life (3).
Wicklund (author of Singing Voice Rehabilitation: A Guide for the Voice Teacher and Speech-Language Pathologist), training voice teachers to habilitate singers (under the direction of an ENT) who have disordered voices.
Our sponsorship of the National Beach Volleyball Team forms part of our vision of supporting national efforts to habilitate the youth and hone local talents in various fields such as sports.
To habilitate is to supply one with the means to change, alter or support a situation in life.
There are no silver bullets armed with a guarantee to habilitate all of them.
Safety from crime can only exist in a society that is able to redistribute its wealth more equitably, develop viable communities for all people, make offenders responsible for their acts to the individuals and communities they victimize, and provide programs that truly rehabilitate - or as some prisoners say, habilitate - offenders.
The Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Centre (ADCCAC), an initiative by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is organizing a program to prepare and habilitate arbitrators in cooperation with the GCC Commercial Arbitration Center in Abu Dhabi.
Members of the commission have agreed that the building location is "improper and must be relocated and use the plot of land for private housing, in addition to adoption of a proposal by the institute of correction sciences, habilitate working personnel and those freshly graduated from the military academy on how to act in the correction institutes.
One of our most important jobs as singing teachers is to habilitate appropriate vocal technique in our students.
Under an agreement reached during a two-day meeting at the IAEA headquarters in Vienna between officials from the JNRC and the IAEA, the IAEA will provide the necessary support to the JNRC to create a monitoring frame and habilitate Jordanian manpower in the nuclear safety field.
Simply put, fiscal resources are not available to recruit qualified staff, provide good field training officers and costly training programs, retain good employees, work with new technology, and offer inmate programming to habilitate young offenders.