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In another moment I stood garbed in the habiliments of a Holy Thern.
Within lay the body, robed in costly habiliments covered with gold embroidery and starred with scintillating gems.
Bananas with their great ragged leaves, like the tattered habiliments of an empress in adversity, grew close up to the house.
Philip passed his hand over the picture as if he wanted to feel the houses and the loose habiliments of the nomads.
Nor had they long to wait before two of Achmet Zek's blacks, clothed in habiliments similar to their master's, came down the trail on foot, returning to the camp.
His garmenture was that of the ordinary Malay boatman, but there was that in his mien and his attitude toward his companions which belied his lowly habiliments.
Gilbert, now, looked as much like a man in them as in his own proper habiliments.
At the head of the notables and of the Horticultural Committee shone Mynheer van Systens, dressed in his richest habiliments.
Child of levity and scoffing," replied the other; "you err again, misled by these humble habiliments.
For the purpose of carrying this object into instant execution, the manager at once repaired to a small dressing-room, adjacent, where Mrs Crummles was then occupied in exchanging the habiliments of a melodramatic empress for the ordinary attire of matrons in the nineteenth century.
Sophia could have no possible suspicion of any falsehood in this account: she therefore mounted resolutely behind the fellow, who conveyed her safe to a town about five miles distant, where she had the satisfaction of finding the good Mrs Honour: for, as the soul of the waiting-woman was wrapt up in those very habiliments which used to enwrap her body, she could by no means bring herself to trust them out of her sight.
Time enough for that," she said, "when Mick's gone"; and so she packed his travelling valise ready for the march, brushed his cloak, his cap, and other warlike habiliments, set them out in order for him; and stowed away in the cloak pockets a light package of portable refreshments, and a wicker-covered flask or pocket-pistol, containing near a pint of a remarkably sound Cognac brandy, of which she and the Major approved very much; and as soon as the hands of the "repayther" pointed to half-past one, and its interior arrangements (it had a tone quite equal to a cathaydral, its fair owner considered) knelled forth that fatal hour, Mrs.
The husband's new habiliment or rather dis-investiture is a beggarly Odyssean disguise procured from a used clothes peddler, topped with a burlesque wig of reddish hair, a fool's cap of sorts.
A faint attempt at moustachios, of an infinite color, completed the equipment of his face, and a huge saber strapped around his waist, that of his habiliment.
The London Oracle and Daily Advertiser for 31 December 1798 held that "Neither would Matilda be an interesting character on the stage, supposing, for a moment, that an evil spirit, disguised in the habiliment of a female, for purposes of so shocking a nature, would be suffered there".