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a store where men's clothes are sold

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Don set up WT Parr's Haberdashery store in City Road, which he ran with his wife for several decades.
Drape a length of light and airy fabric in the window ( you can pick up gauzy voile, organza, chiffon or silky cotton at a reasonable price from any good haberdashery store.
You can go to a haberdashery store and buy trimmings like feathers or flowers to change your hat season by season,' she says.
Lauren Guthrie, one of the finalists in the Great British Seweing Bee, is opening a haberdashery store in Moseley this weekend.
ZENA SAYS: What you need is an oldfashioned haberdashery store, such as Minerva Crafts in Darwen, Lancashire (www.
Darren Sacer, who has run a haberdashery store at the centre for 15 years, said: 'We are all absolutely gutted.
His wife's P A, Nat Lewis, then took him to see his haberdashery store which "would always be there
Former nurse Muriel Goulton, 94, opened her haberdashery store in 1957.
A few of Shipston's institutions are closing; the hardware store Smith & Smith is shutting with the retirement of the Smith brothers and Marguerite's, a haberdashery store where Mrs Dorothy East has been known to discover school caps with pre-decimal price tags amongst her stock, is for sale.
After purchasing two tons of green felt from a haberdashery store, she was sent to the Foam centre in Glasgow for our wedges.
We say: What you need is an old-fashioned haberdashery store, such as Minerva Crafts in Darwen, Lancashire (www.
Sewing machine l Approx 3 metres of upholstery fabric (ours was from John Lewis) pounds 8-pounds 25 a metre l Matching thread l Wadding, pounds 4-pounds 8 a metre depending on thickness l Upholstery staple gun and staples, pounds 10-pounds 40 from Homebase or any good DIY store l Upholstery tacks (optional), pounds 3 for 50 from Homebase or any good DIY store l Pattern or tracing paper, pounds 5 for six sheets from any good haberdashery store l Dressmaking scissors l Piping cord, 49p a metre (this chair needed 4-5 metres) l Cushion pad, pounds 3.
I loved visiting the old ironmonger and haberdashery stores packed with products popular back in the day.
Born in Suffolk, Virginia, and raised in Newport News, Sherman worked in his family's haberdashery stores before relocating to New York City in the late 1940's with his older brothers, Mortimer and Edward.
The number of shops open on a Sunday in the Gorbals was remarkable – haberdashery stores, bakers; all open for trade, nestled in the sandstone of the tenements.