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a store where men's clothes are sold

the drygoods sold by a haberdasher

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Andler opened the Haberdashery in 2001 as a tribute to Heimie.
Alison Walsh, haberdashery partner at John Lewis Liverpool, says: "We've been really pleased with the reaction of our customers to the Great British Sewing Bee.
We say: What you need is an old-fashioned haberdashery store, such as Minerva Crafts in Darwen, Lancashire (www.
There is a lady often found at Bessemer Road who sells antique haberdashery which I love to incorporate into my work, so I will probably go along and see if there's anything unusual I can find to use in my work.
The collection, which has never before been open to the public, tells the story of how Marks & Spencer grew from a haberdashery stall in Leeds' Kirkgate Market in 1884 to a FTSE 100 company and the oldest exhibits are 3rd century Roman coins which were discovered by workers laying foundations for Marks & Spencer Dorchester in 1936.
According to John Lewis, UK's favourite retailer, men have outnumbered women in Sheffield at a recent knitting event and the proportion of male haberdashery customers has doubled in the past two years from 20 to 40 percent at John Lewis branches in London and Newcastle.
Ivan Kolev, deputy head of the "Branch Union of Leather, Fur, Footwear, and Haberdashery Industry in Bulgaria" said that five of the ten shoe-makers in Sofia have shut down, as cited by the national radio.
Albert was born in Brooklyn, NY; was a WWII Army POW; Clark University graduate; and worked at Zareh's, his uncle's haberdashery in Boston, before moving to California.
BJI; Norwalk, CT), the producer of five b2b magazines, including "Accessories" and "TurboMachinery," 28 custom magazines, and newsletters and trade shows, has acquired New York Haberdashery Group (New York), owner of the Haberdashery Tradeshow.
From my collection of vintage trims and wallcoverings to the tiny details of a button that I found at an old haberdashery in Paris to the natural textures and contours of a beautiful seashell," she said.
This led to surprise inspections in November 2001 at the premises of several Community producers of hard and soft haberdashery.
The longest lasting involved just Prym and Coats, stretching from 1977 to 1988, when "the two companies agreed to share the whole haberdashery market between themselves," said the Commission.
They are currently home to a diverse array of retail shop tenants specializing in wine, haberdashery, stationary, chocolate and other merchandise.
the haberdashery for big and/or wide Northwestern skulls.
Mickey Cohen had a haberdashery, and the chief always had really beautiful clothes and a big boat and all kinds of things that really weren't too normal,'' said Mary Jane Strickland, 80, founder of the Burbank Historical Society.