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a merchant who sells men's clothing


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What does a haberdasher sell: fruit, ribbons or weapons?
What can a haberdasher do to safeguard the rights of workers?
The failed haberdasher is Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart.
Giles, a haberdasher, complained to the Queen because his own business was being undermined by Arnold's activities: as he puts it, he was "hynderyde of hys lyvyge herbye [because] .
George Peter-Hoblyn attacks flag starts after Haberdasher (Robert Baker) is third to Whiffenretz (Frank Freeman/George Duffield) in the sprint at Chepstow, where there are no stalls.
A correspondent of the society, draper and haberdasher Antony van Leeuwenhoek of Delft had described miniature creatures in a letter published in the March PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS.
While others at first condescended to the former failed haberdasher, Acheson was always faithful and genuinely respectful of FDR's successor.
So how come nobody gives a patootie about the Hugo Boss Prize, the biennial award underwritten by the German haberdasher and administered by the Guggenheim Museum?
Agnes Dow, a silk mercer, haberdasher and milliner in Leith in the 1830s was bankrupted following the loss of a sister-partner who suffered from a chronic mental illness.
Haberdasher Corporate Apparel LLC - Formed by Scott Ilnicky, former Director of S&K's Corporate Apparel division, and his wife Helen Ilnicky, in June, 2009.
High-end haberdasher Atelier New York has signed a 10-year lease for 3,453 square feet on the ground floor of 304 Hudson Street between Spring and Vandam Streets, announced The Parish of Trinity Church, one of New York City's largest and oldest commercial property owners.
Choose fabrics like a wool lisle or a wool and cotton blend, as these materials don't cling to the feet or encourage perspiration, says men's style expert and haberdasher Anthony T.
Neil, married to the former Rickie Robledo, is a haberdasher in Northern California.
When Johnson became president in November 1963, Kennedy aides reacted with the same incredulity as Franklin Roosevelt's staff had 18 years earlier when a former haberdasher was called upon to fill the shoes of the man whom they would continue to call "the President" well after April 1945.
Here, men can shop for the same sophisticated clothing they would find at a traditional haberdasher - with the modern conveniences only online shopping can afford.