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music composed in duple time for dancing the habanera

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a Cuban dance in duple time

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Contact point(s): Patronato Municipal de Habaneras y Polifonia SecretarE[degrees]a, ContrataciEn Ext.
My focus is on two novels written from the point of view of indiano descendants, Habanera (Havana Song; 1999) by Angeles Dalmau and Por el cielo y mas alla (Through the Sky and Beyond; 2001) by Carme Riera.
Habanera, by Angeles Dalmau, or the Search for a Lost Childhood
Eight of the pieces are tangos, one is a polka-tango, nine are polkas and three are habaneras.
Calella is famed all over Spain for its July Habaneras festival - featuring Catalan-Cuban sea shanties inspired by the Spanish-American war.
Plans were previously declared for the creation of a new bus station near the Habaneras shopping centre.