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an English coin worth half a penny


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Until recently I wasn't aware that there were two air raids in April 1941, the 8th and the 10th; maybe this is because we were evacuated to Balsall Common until approx September 1942, when I started school at Hill Farm Infants in Foster Road (an old ha'penny bus ride away
This started the decline of longestablished words like tuppence, ha'penny, penny-ha'penny, and so on.
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger will be looking to keep his hand on his ha'penny.
20 per adult, PS7 per child - see the Ha'Penny Bridge and experience the sights and sounds of bustling Dublin.
In those days we had a noble parade of coins - the farthing with its wren, the ha'penny, the penny, big and brown as a chocolate cream; the 12-sided threepenny bit, the sixpence (tanner), the shilling (bob), two shillings (florin) and two shillings and sixpence (half crown).
CHRISTMAS is comin', the geese are gettin' fat, please put a penny in the old man's hat, if yer haven't got a penny, a ha'penny will do, if yer haven't got a ha'penny, God bless you.
Now the stop has been moved about 100 yards and 1d, instead of a ha'penny, has been added to the fare.
These limits seemed fairly draconian although I comforted myself with the thought that there must be shrewder punters out there who were now restricted to ha'penny bets.
He's a professional coach in the Martin O'Neil mould, with a team comprising players from these islands and costing the proverbial two-pence ha'penny.
Teamwork is the essential part of any venture, and unless, like King, we recognise that wonderful engineering is not worth a ha'penny until it fulfils a need, we engineers will continue to be viewed as somewhat blinkered beavers living in a self-satisfying and purely technical environment.
The author of Millions and 24 Hour Party people said: "The Penny Readings is my favourite festive event, and I'm delighted to be taking part again - not to mention the first-ever Ha'penny Readings.
And there was shove ha'penny, something England always ruled the world in - there were no penalties involved, obviously.
at two and eleven pence ha'penny per yard stretches
By day, the area is packed with tourists and shoppers using Dublin's most famous pedestrian crossing, the Ha'penny Bridge, and another newly-built walkway, the Millennium Bridge.
The contracts, awarded by Irishenco Construction, involve work on the Ha'penny Bridge (Wellington Bridge) and the construction of a new bridge at Blackhall Place in Dublin.