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something that physically confines the legs or arms

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For example, gyves denotes 'in both Cymbeline and Complaint imprisoning devices desired by the prisoner': Posthumus speaks of gyves | Desired more than constrained' (v.
See Elson & Gyves, supra note 7, at 872-73 (recognizing several large charitable donations from Enron Corp.
When the first low mutterings from Fort Sumter were heard, hope sprang up within the Negro woman's breast, and when by an eternal flat the gyves and chains of wrists and ankles were broken she stepped forth, her body scarred and striped by the lash, her intellect dwarfed and sunken into piteous ignorance, without money, clothes, or home--but a free woman.
The author wishes to thank Christopher Gyves, Wake Forest University School of Law and Babcock Graduate School of Management, J.
The aim is to raise standards in literacy, numeracy and IT skills," says BlueZone centre manager Lois Gyves.
At once prisoners bound first by familial ties and then by mutual love like the falcon by his gyves, they are yet native to a boundless airy realm augmented in scope by heightened senses of night vision and hearing.
El presidente municipal de Juchitan y lider de la COCEI--Oaxaca a la vez que ex diputado por el PRD, Leopoldo de Gyves.
I would have thee gone; And yet no farther than a wanton's bird That lets it hop a little from her hand, Like a poor prisoner in his twisted gyves, And with a silk thread plucks it back again, So loving-jealous of his liberty.
While we don't know the content of Caine's "narrative," we do know "Eugene Aram," the climax of which is "Two stern-faced men set out from Lynn, / Through the cold and heavy mist; / And Eugene Aram walked between, / With gyves upon his wrist.
La sindica se refiere a Hector Sanchez Lopez, Leopoldo De Gyves, Oscar Cruz, Alberto Reyna Figueroa, Roberto Lopez Rosado, Saul Vicente Vasquez y la actual presidenta municipal, Gloria Sanchez Lopez, quienes bajo las siglas del PRD se han repartido presidencias municipales, diputaciones y senadurias.
GYVES Anthony ( Tony) Much loved husband of Edna, loving father of Peter, dear father-in-law of Kerry, and stepgrandfather of Sinead, Jack and Daniel.
Critical care matron Helen Gyves said: "We were all very impressed with the high standard of the prototypes we saw.
Gallizzi has been serving in the interim post since July 2006 after former Superintendent Jack Gyves retired.