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Memorization: Areas of activation were observed in the medial frontal gyrus (BA10), the superior frontal gyrus (BA8) of the left hemisphere, the inferior frontal gyrusa(BA47), the superior temporal gyrus (BA22) and the medial tenporal gyrus (BA21).
Note the partially inverterted cingulate gyrus anteriorly while posteriorly the vertically oriented gyri and sulci radiate from the CSF space.
And after even more practice, the left superior temporal gyrus takes over major math tasks, Ansari suspects.
Gyrus operates in a global competitive market and sells over 80% of its products in dollars to highly price-conscious customers," said Roy Davis, chief operating officer of Gyrus.
The experimenters found that when subjects listened to a text in their mother-tongue, the most active areas in the brain, as expected, were those in the left hemisphere, mainly the upper and middle areas of the temporal lobe and the lower frontal gyrus.
However, the researchers found that only in Mr Gamm's brain was there activity in three regions thought to be involved solely in longterm memory; the right medial frontal cortex; the right parahippocampal gyri and the right upper anterior cingulate gyrus.
Follow-up MRI obtained on the 30th day after the onset of symptoms demonstrated a reduction in the volume of the lesion, as well as image characteristics typical of a cavernous angioma located immediately adjacent to Heschl's convolution in the left superior temporal gyrus (figure 2).
Woodford was fired as president and CEO of Olympus, a mere two weeks after being appointed, for questioning the Company's excessive advisory fees in the Gyrus deal.
The second cluster includes the left insula and the anterior cerebellum, but most likely the source of activation is located in the fusiforme gyrus (BA37); the simultaneous activation in the same cluster of the Inferior temporal lobe (BA20) emphasizes the activation of BA37.
The left inferior frontal gyrus had reduced brain activation during easier tasks, while the middle frontal gyrus and the superior frontal gyrus were affected during more difficult tasks (Diabetes Care 2014 Nov.
Small, MD, had shown that changes in a specific part of the brain -- the dentate gyrus -- are associated with age-related memory decline.
A leader in the Learning Management Systems (LMS), Gyrus Systems has revealed a new elearning and business training content partner, OpenSesame.
Most of these studies found abnormalities in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC), [7] medial frontal gyrus, [8] anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), [9,10] amygdala, medial thalamus, and striatum.
Looking at three subregions - the cornu ammonis (CA) 1, CA3/dentate gyrus and subiculum - they found that the first two expanded with age, with the most pronounced growth in the right hippocampus.
compiled false price estimates related to the acquisition of British medical equipment maker Gyrus Group Plc, which was used to cover up the Japanese company's past investment losses, sources close to the matter said Tuesday.