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rotating mechanism in the form of a universally mounted spinning wheel that offers resistance to turns in any direction

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Four gyroscopic sensors, two magnetometers, analogue to digital converters, temperature sensors, and an access port connector are located on the ADCS sensor board.
This imparts true gyroscopic stability in addition to spreading imbalances around the bullet's axis.
The Galaxy S II also has an 8 mega-pixel camera and camcorder with 1080p full HD recording and playback, a gyroscopic sensor enabling precise gaming experience, and a 1650mAh high capacity battery.
Using the accelerometer capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS system, plus gyroscopic and 3D technology, these two titles catapult two arcade stalwarts into the handheld stratosphere, and Pac-Man's balancing act through a host of devious environmental puzzles is pretty much worth the price of admission alone.
A Laney owned and operated Tensteer wireline system guidance system and rented SlimDril Drillguide GST gyroscopic tool were used to guide the bore.
With regard to the angular velocity there arise a spin with regard to a gyroscopic motion so that the variation of speed and the torque realize for its application of turbo-machinery in the areas of aerospace science, navigation and missile technology.
The most significant addition to this remake is the addition of a gyroscopic aiming.
In the future we are going to control coach using gyroscopic stabilizers.
The STB includes an Intel Atom processor, controller with gyroscopic inputs, Blu-ray player, powerline adapters, Wi-Fi, and a game controller.
Downhole gyroscopic and geophysical surveying of existing holes well advanced.
The fingerprints of producers Andy and Larry Wachowski, directors of The Matrix trilogy, probably account for the gyroscopic camerawork and occasional use of slow motion.
In 1993, Researchers at the Austin based center invented a gyroscopic sensor that governs a processor that actuates all the hydraulic systems on the wheels and axels.
A factor that influences the values of the natural angular frequencies is the gyroscopic moment.
The Blades will be appearing at the museum's annual airshow at East Fortune near Edinburgh on July 25 and are set to dazzle the crowds with their feats of flying skill with gyroscopic twisting manoeuvres, head-to-head passes, and never-before-seen formation tumbling.