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rotating mechanism in the form of a universally mounted spinning wheel that offers resistance to turns in any direction

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A typical gyroscope application will incorporate two oil-lubricated open (not sealed) angular contact ball bearings with an oil sump between the bearings.
We were aware that close similarities exist between the nonlinear Euler equations for the gyroscope [(S19) and (S20) in our supplement] and for the nonlinear equations describing a frictionless particle sliding on a rotating sphere [(S32) and (S33)].
Since many stabilization systems require more than one axis of active correction, inertial measurement units (IIVIUs) often include at least three axes of gyroscopes (measuring angular velocity) and three axes of accelerometers (measuring acceleration and angular orientation) to provide the feedback sensing function.
By connecting 2 breakout boards of the accelerometer ADXL345 and gyroscope ITG-3200 on the same [I.
The DG MEMS gyroscope that had been developed in inertial science was first designed by Draper Lab in 1988.
The ADIS16364 iSensor is a complete inertial system that includes a tri-axis gyroscope and tri-axis accelerometer (ADIS16364 .
Output of the gyroscope is proportional to angular velocity.
Onboard gyroscopes are helping improve safety-and they're getting smaller and more powerful.
From non gravitational physics we know that if a gyroscope is suspended in frictionless gimbals the result is a parallel transport of its spin direction, which does not help draw any valuable conclusion immediately.
Although yet to repay more than a fraction of that price, Gyroscope looked promising when given a late debut on the all-weather at Wolverhampton last October.
Martin was a senior metallurgist with Sperry Gyroscope, New York.
Chapter topics include underlying concepts; gyroscope and accelerometer technologies; testing, calibration, and compensation; and computer processing of gyroscope and accelerometer measurements.
In his latest mission, Noguchi took a ride on the station's robotic arm to replace the malfunctioning gyroscope, which weighs about 280 kilograms, with a new gyroscope the crew brought with them.
The spacecraft flies in a drag-free orbit, which means that the gyroscope rotors are literally in free fall about the Earth, and the spacecraft flies around the gyroscopes.
developed and implemented a method that more quickly and economically repairs the stabilator amplifier's pitch rate gyroscope.