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an aircraft that is supported in flight by unpowered rotating horizontal wings (or blades)

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The main objective of the project is to extend the qualifying target group of 19 employees of the knowledge and skills required to deploy production gyroplanes (sophisticated, sporty, safe and environmentally friendly aircraft, which combine the characteristics of the aircraft and helicopter) in our company (the only one in the Czech Republic) through specific training.
Previously the CAA had allowed flying training to be conducted on amateur built gyroplanes because there was no certification code available to support the development and production of type approved gyroplanes.
Jim Tecu has taken to the air in a sail plane glider, a gyroplane and a Cold War vintage Czech jet fighter.
Since its inception twenty years ago, GBA has been involved in an extensive research program in the design, engineering, development, testing and marketing of gyroplane and gyrodyne aircraft.
The Company's Hawk 4 Gyroplane, currently in the process of FAA certification with deliveries to follow shortly thereafter, is the world's first modern gyroplane and is the world's first turbine (jet) powered gyroplane.
Groen Brothers Aviation's business plan has been centered upon the development and FAA certification of its Hawk 4 Gyroplane for private commercial use.
As head of business development, he will play a major role in introducing the aviation industry to Groen Brothers Aviation new products, as the company expands its product line beyond the Hawk 4 gyroplane.
OTCBB: GNBA), the world's leading developer of commercially viable gyroplanes, announced today that it has awarded a dealership for its Hawk 4 gyroplanes to Karl Hoffman and Byron Woodley in the Turks and Caicos Islands, formerly part of the Bahamas and a part of the British Commonwealth.
To date, our nationwide dealership network has provided GBA with early cash deposits from more than 140 Hawk 4 gyroplanes.
The Hawk Gyroplanes flight characteristics and simple design combine to offer a safe, economical alternative for the rotor craft and fixed wing industries.
GBA) (OTCBB:GNBA), manufacturer of the Hawk series gyroplanes, announced today the signing of an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Rolls-Royce Corporation.
GBA's national and international dealership network has placed orders, with down payments, on 148 Hawk 4 Gyroplanes, representing combined sales of $50 million.
Groen Brothers Aviation (OTC BB:GNBA) ("GBA") announced today the sale of three additional GBA Authorized Dealerships, including their first International Dealer, GBA Gyroplanes of Costa Rica.
5 million worth of aircraft, and the first public presentation of two production Hawk 4 Gyroplanes," said David Groen, president and chief executive officer.