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a compass that does not depend on magnetism but uses a gyroscope instead

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Now the gyrocompass support facility has started taking inertial measurement systems from the Royal Navy, running them through an initial test to evaluate performance and identify any failing parts.
On 21 March 1919, a gyrocompass developed for the Navy was tested in an aircraft, marking the first recorded instance of tests of a device that would become an invaluable navigational instrument for long-range flight.
Simultaneous computer readings of the ship's gyrocompass and GPS were made every 2s, and these data were used to correct for the direction and movement of the ship during all trackings.
There's the German company Anschutz, a division of Raytheon, which makes autopilot and gyrocompass equipment; the British firm Brooks & Gatehouse, a division of Yeoman Group, that sells instrument systems and software; and Northstar Technologies of Acton, MA, for global positioning systems.
However, if we think in terms of a gyrocompass rather than an ordinary compass, the metaphor becomes more appropriate.
A professional ethic is a gyrocompass pointing in a precalibrated direction.
What is necessary is to provide for the dynamics of direction in the form of a gyrocompass.
A full complement of internal and external sensors, including a gyrocompass, inclinometer, and four stereo-optical cameras mounted on the head, monitor the status of Rover and its surroundings.
Of course, other technologies must be considered as well: Hemispheric Resonant Gyroscopes (HRGs) are making progress and are now designed for navigation; Coriolis vibrating piezo gyroscopes are finding increasing success in a large variety of end-markets while new disruptive gyro technologies are still in lab-phase; and finally, DTG and other mechanical gyro technologies are still used in some retrofit systems for 2-axis stabilization systems or for gyrocompass, but this trend points to a decline.
Dimensional control survey services, DGNSS verification, gyrocompass calibration and offset measurements and navigation at the well locations were also included in the agreement, as well as final positioning of the drilling vessel within the required tolerance of 3 metres.
In the fine alignment procedure, gyrocompass alignment, Kalman filter, and parameter identification method are the mostly used techniques to deal with alignment problems in SINS [15-17].
Meanwhile, shipborne or submarine sonars, from single beam to multi-beam echo sounders combining sensor swathe with attitude sensors, gyrocompass, and inertial navigation, deliver bathymetric information to map deep seafloor features.