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Macroscopically, and with neuro-imaging (magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scan), this demonstrates as flattening of gyri, widening of sulci, atrophied medial temporal lobes and enlarged ventricles.
11] Receptive language paradigms commonly show bilateral activation in the posterior superior temporal gyri.
Additional findings supporting a diagnosis of CAH on ultrasound evaluation include ambiguous genitalia and a cerebriform pattern of gyri and sulci within the gland cortex, described by both Chambrier and colleagues (8) and Avni et al (9), and also seen on histopathologic analysis in CAH.
An autopsy of the brain of a 63-year-old man who had a 6-year history of FTD with corticobasal syndrome revealed marked asymmetry of frontal, temporal, and parietal atrophy--severe on the right and mild to moderate on the left, with relative sparing of motor and sensory gyri (Figure 13, A and B).
The inferior pre- and post-central gyri corresponding to lip, face, and tongue regions were resected.
MRI following clinical deterioration 6 months after the shunt placement showed marked enhancement of the meninges, especially of the pia mater, extending around the midbrain, into the cerebral gyri and cerebellar folia (Fig.
Wel, mae 'crawl' y Bontfaen yn hwyl; mae 'na gyri ardderchog yn y Mughal ar yr A48; tapas bendigedig ac awyrgylch wych yn Bar 44 Y Bontfaen; ewch am sesh yn nhafarn yr Edmondes, i siopa 'Retro' yn Happy Days yn Y Bontfaen; pier Penarth wrth gwrs, ac mae'n rhaid mynd i Marco's, y caban coffi o Gavin & Stacey ar Ynys y Barri.
Of these, 63 had images sufficient to measure cortical thickness in 10 brain areas related to cognition and blood pressure regulation: the bilateral hemispheric anterior insulae cortices, bilateral orbitofrontal cortices, and bilateral posterior superior medal temporal gyri and the left intraparietal sulcus.
The independent samples t-test revealed that recent users had greater SWM response than abstinent users in the following regions: a large cluster spanning medial bilateral cingulate, medial frontal gyrus, and left superior and middle frontal gyri (Brodmann's area [BA] 8); medial bilateral superior frontal gyrus (BA 6/8); left insula and precentral gyrus (BA 13); and right insula and inferior frontal gyrus (BA 13; see Table 3 and Figure 3).
Characterized by multiple small gyri, shallow sulci, and abnormal cortical layering, children with polymicrogyria are affected with a wide variation in findings that range from minor deficits to profound neurologic dysfunction.
Something that looks like possible discrete injury near the anterior right fusiform gyrus, as well as the anterior middle and inferior temporal gyri.
In other words, activation can be seen in the anterior and posterior superior temporal gyri, the dorsal surface of the superior temporal gyri, the superior temporal sulci and more ventrally in the middle temporal gyri.
sapiens dovetails with increases in the development of sulci and gyri relative to other extant primate taxa, a fact long appreciated by comparative neuroanatomists.
These include the amygdala (implicated in attachment responses by evaluating the "safety" of the interpersonal situation, based on past experience), inferior occipital gyri (involved in reading facial expressions, specifically, in the analysis of basic facial features), and the insula (activated by facial expressions, organizes somatosensory experiences).
62,63) Finally, the mitochondria are arranged in a helix of 11-13 gyri, with two mitochondria per gyrus, and deliver ATP to the axoneme for flagellar propulsion.