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  • verb

Synonyms for gyrate

Synonyms for gyrate

to move or cause to move in circles or around an axis

Synonyms for gyrate

to wind or move in a spiral course


Related Words

revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis

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BIPS lived up to the expectations and a fat pay cheque as she gyrated to peppy tunes at the Sahara Star hotel in Mumbai.
Just nine days ago glamour girl Jordan took to the stage and gyrated in front of a cheering crowd.
Dancers gyrated in minimal coverage and fishnets to one pouty number, "Turn On," which includes declarations of being "hot" and descriptions of ready "pink flesh," recalling the raunchy New Wave lyrics of Berlin's "Sex.
While it couldn't have crooned "Love Me Tender" or gyrated it hips, a new type of dinosaur discovered in Antarctica could have passed as a reptillian Elvis impersonator.
London, Jan 13 (ANI): American actor David Hasselhoff was spotted dancing enthusiastically with a go-go girl as she gyrated her body in front of him.
Oh let loose and gyrated out of her sleek dress (no, this is not an exaggeration) to ``Cocaine'' at the Weinstein/Glamour/L'Oreal hoedown at Trader Vic's.
The Dane gyrated against the brush to the tune of Snap's 1980s hit The Power as stunned housemates looked on.
I am a relatively new fan - only 28 - but the screams as he gyrated his hips were deafening and I found myself screaming along.
As King sexually gyrated, a mixture of fear and offense overcame Melanie.
As she gyrated, partygoers enjoyed flashes of the bombshell's black thong.
HIP-SWIVELLER Justin Timberlake gyrated before a sell-out audience on the first night of his UK Tour yesterday.
The cheeky performer gyrated on Cowell's knee as he sang single Feel on The Tonight Show.