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  • verb

Synonyms for gyrate

Synonyms for gyrate

to move or cause to move in circles or around an axis

Synonyms for gyrate

to wind or move in a spiral course


Related Words

revolve quickly and repeatedly around one's own axis

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It looks like the markets are now poised for a lengthy period of congestion where they gyrate up and down but ultimately don't cover any new ground.
The computer program then made the plumped-up strands slither, wiggle, and gyrate into myriad configurations, tallying how efficiently each arrangement filled the allowed space.
As new tunes gyrate the Web, fans can extend the groove by inviting cyber-partygoers to join in on Drew's Internet island party, all available exclusively at www.
As for the sexy, anytime you put showgirls in sequin-covered Santa outfits and have them gyrate and bend over to show a variety of panties, that sort of takes any innocent edge off the proceedings.
There was Putt-Putt Reggae Night, where we played miniature golf on a course made of refrigerator boxes designed to resemble a Jamaican shantytown; Model World of Glue Night, where New York's hippest built airplane and monster models, burned them, and sniffed the epoxy; and Elvis Memorial Night, where local juvenile delinquents threw beer on the faulty air conditioner, which burst into flames, sending all the Elvis look-alikes outside to gyrate on the fire truck until the angry Polish immigrants living upstairs doused us with dirty bathwater and the NYPD broke up the fun while Jean-Michel Basquiat snickered from the sidelines.
Cranmer proposes that some of these waves undulate, at the same frequency at which the oxygen ions gyrate about them.
As the market continues to gyrate, we are seeing a true advantage in being a solid, established, yet fast-growing company, noted Peter Storck, senior vice president of Jupiter Research.
Bellydance Superstars sees dancers strip to their undies and gyrate their ultra-hot bodies for two hours.
Charged particles in the corona also have characteristic frequencies, as they gyrate about the magnetic field lines.
According to Koon, when King was approached by a white female Highway Patrol officer with a gun, "He grabbed his butt with both hands and began to shake and gyrate his fanny in a sexually suggestive fashion.
As "dot coms" and brick-based companies business models gyrate toward the Internet/Intranet, Info Touch Technologies becomes the sought-after clicks n' mortar Convergence Company.
Out of nowhere heads bob, limbs fly, hips gyrate, feet shuffle.
The whole scene begins to gyrate widly as if it were desperately trying to escape the screen.