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a taxicab that cruises for customers although it is licensed only to respond to calls

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The scene is a busy gypsy cab company--busy because regular cab companies won't service this black neighborhood.
She made a deal to pick them up every day, and then began cruising Wilshire from Santa Monica to downtown for other customers, mimicking the gypsy cab drivers she saw soliciting business.
Drischler and his staff of four have the unenviable job of trying to bust these gypsy cabs and van drivers trying to fill the breach by picking up people in their vehicles and taking them to work for a few bucks a head.
Absorbing, funny and beautifully acted, it depicts, with Wilson's patented brand of lifelike theatricality, a group of black gypsy cab drivers in Pittsburgh struggling to find honor, satisfaction and accomplishment in a landscape of diminishing possibility.
Prosecuting misdemeanors and beggars who violate the panhandling law and gypsy cab drivers who help strike-stranded bus riders get around town will be about all that's left for that elected official under the consent decree to clean up the LAPD.
While this may sound like a black comedy, Bank's writing style is subpar sitcom, with the attendant sentimentality eventually coming to the fore in the person of a gypsy cab driver who delivers Susan to this nest of vipers and sticks around to warm a few hard hearts while he's on the job.
Set in Pittsburgh in the late '70s, the action takes place is an abandoned storefront that serves as a "jitney" station, the equivalent of a gypsy cab.
Taking on Nick's stoic father, New York's best fertility doctor, a gypsy cab driver and a participant in a couple of support groups, Applegate is one of these actors who can make you laugh just by walking on stage but eventually we're laughing for no real reason.
The West Coast premiere of Wilson's ``Jitney,'' from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of ``Fences,'' takes place in the 1970s in a gypsy cab company (or jitney station) in the playwright's customary locale, Pittsburgh.
Xiomara's Harlem neighborhood consists of gypsy cabs, stoop-sitting on a hot day, kids running through water spurting from a nearby hydrant, old men playing dominos and laughing.
Manal Al-Qathami, who was visiting from Makkah, was surprised that women would use these gypsy cabs, but said she could understand the situation, thanks to the small number of available taxis.
More and more people are turning to illegal schemes, running gypsy cabs, engaging in prostitution or blackmarket sales of Cuba's famous cigars, rum and coffee.
There are reportedly at least 2,000 gypsy cabs on our roads as well.
Heavily staffed with former CIA agents, the Ackerman Group goes well beyond advising executives to photocopy their passports, wear blue jeans, leave corporate names off bag tags, never take gypsy cabs, keep valuables in money belts or ankle pouches and move around, wherever possible, in unmarked corporate cars or helicopters.