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a common white or colorless mineral (hydrated calcium sulphate) used to make cements and plasters (especially plaster of Paris)

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The distinct and remarkable facies pattern and associated depositional environments are characterized by yellow brown siltstone offlood plains, massive silica rich off-white to cream colored sandstones ofbeach environment, gray colored sandstones ofdeltas, variegated colored and thinly bedded to alternate laminated sandstone, siltstone and clays of tidal flats as well as massive brown and maroon colored gypsiferous clays of overbank deposits.
On the other hand, and given that edaphic characteristics are an essential element with respect to the gypsophily phenomenon, definitions that IUSS Working Group WRB (2015) offers about gypsiferous soils or gypsisols as well as about the gypsic horizons were taken into account.
Fossils: bivalve impression and criziana SENONIAN (a) FIKA Dark grey to black gypsiferous shale with limestone interheds TURONIAN (a) GONGILA Alternating sequence of sandstone and shale with limestone CENOMANIAN (a) BIMA Poorly sorted gravelly to medium-grained highly feldspathic sandstone ALBIAN (c) ?
Soil-geomorphology relations in gypsiferous materials of the Tabernas desert (Almeria, SE Spain).
In Stuttgart a distinction must be made between two different layers associated with the Mittlerer Gipshorizont: (i) the leached gypsiferous level, and (ii) the unleached anhydritic level.
Specific topics include causes of house subsidence in an area adjacent to Illinois' sinkhole plain, applying the electrical resistivity method in steeply dipping karst terrane, instrumentation and preliminary results from probing the plumbing of Wakulla Spring, water level variation and predicting the Pingshan Sinkhole in Guizhou in southwestern China, the numerical analysis of embankments supported by geosynthetics over drilled shafts in karst terrains, and gypsiferous soils as an engineering problem.
4] are known to have very high concentrations in gypsiferous shale (McNeely et al.
Addition of an electrolyte source (typically a gypsiferous material) helps create cation bridges for the polymer to adsorb to the soil (Smith et al.
6) is vertical to slightly overturned, separated from younger gently dipping upper Windsor and Mabou succession by a younger upper-plate fault with gypsiferous gouge and an inferred unconformity.
section]) In gypsiferous soils, plants will tolerate about 5-10% greater salinity than indicated.
An idealized stratigraphic section through the Perticara orebody would begin (at the bottom) with marls and siliceous limestones (2 meters), followed upward by gypsiferous limestone and sulfur layers (1-2 meters) and then the main layer of sulfur mineralization (called the "maestro layer," 14 to 22 meters thick) consisting of 38- 40% sulfur.
High levels of carbonate hardness result from the presence of geological formations of limestone, dolomite, and gypsiferous rocks.
Each year, power plants produce about 100 million tons of gypsiferous material, high in calcium and sulfur, as a byproduct of capturing sulfur dioxide emissions," says W.
extracts gypsiferous clays in Rio Negro Department also for Portland cement.