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a common white or colorless mineral (hydrated calcium sulphate) used to make cements and plasters (especially plaster of Paris)

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Fossils: bivalve impression and criziana SENONIAN (a) FIKA Dark grey to black gypsiferous shale with limestone interheds TURONIAN (a) GONGILA Alternating sequence of sandstone and shale with limestone CENOMANIAN (a) BIMA Poorly sorted gravelly to medium-grained highly feldspathic sandstone ALBIAN (c) ?
Norton says, "Using gypsiferous byproducts would give farmers a low-cost remedy for acid, sodic, and erosion-prone soils.
When gypsiferous material was applied on free-draining soil, the increased electrolyte released from its dissolution was more effective in reducing [K.
5 meters thick, involving gypsiferous white beds which lack fossils, and its age is considered as Aquitanian from Early Miocene due to its stratigraphic situation [1,4,7] (B) The calcareous member (88 m), whose bottom-up lithologic specifications are as follows:
Peterson JR, Flanagan DC, Tishmack JK (2002a) Polyacrylamide and gypsiferous material effects on runoff and erosion under simulated rainfall.
The study area overlies Mesozoic gypsiferous marls, dolomites, limestones, and sparse saline deposits.
The parent material of soils in the studied region consists of calcareous and gypsiferous alluvium.
Khademi H, Mermut AR (1998) Source of palygorskite in gypsiferous Aridisols and associated sediments from central Iran.
1), the stratigraphic change from non-evaporitic lacustrine silts, sands, and clays to gypsiferous playa deposits is marked (Table 1).
The objective of this study was to derive pedotransfer functions (PTFs) to predict the water retention curve and the van Genuchten and the van Genuchten-Mualem parameters of some gypsiferous soils.
Wang HL, Hedley MJ, Bolan NS, Horne DJ (1999) The influence of surface incorporated lime and gypsiferous by-products on surface and subsurface soil acidity.
Complex, labour-intensive procedures such as those described by Amrhein and Suarez (1990) for determining sodium and calcium in calcareous and gypsiferous soils preclude widespread adoption in routine testing laboratories.
5) An area of concordant dry lakes and associated lunettes in the south-western most corner, including some gypsiferous deposits.
Wang HL, Hedley MJ, Bolan NS, Home DJ (1999) The influence of surface incorporated lime and gypsiferous by-products on surface and subsurface soil acidity.