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the stalk of a pistil that raises it above the receptacle

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Within Cypereae, the presence of gynophores is typical of the Ficinia genus (Arnold & Gordon-Gray, 1982; Goetghebeur, 1986); however, some Ficinia species lack a gynophore (e.
6) the development of a gynophore is typical of certain species of the Ficinia clade (Muasya & Simpson, 2002); in the Cyperus clade, the presence of a gynophore has only been reported for Alinula lipocarphoides.
Stages of H1 = I--aerial gynophore (02/18/08); II--gynophore penetrated into soil (03/11/08); III--pod filling (seed) (03/25/08); IV--mature fruit (pod) (04/08/08); V--dry fruits (harvest) (05/13/08).
Each pistil was excised at the base of the gynophore and collected within a sterile glassine envelope.
The gynophore lobes were considered by Schonland (1922) to be homologous with the inner whorl of stamens, which is not confirmed by our observations.
The gynophore in Cypereae, formed by the development of the hypogynous stalk, is characterised by a lobed cup that envelops the basal part of the nutlet (Vrijdaghs et al.
2 mm long, distinct to the base and spreading perpendicularly, straight, undivided; stigma capitate; capsules on gynophores exserted 0.