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the stalk of a pistil that raises it above the receptacle

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The gynophore lobes were considered by Schonland (1922) to be homologous with the inner whorl of stamens, which is not confirmed by our observations.
The individual genera are diagnosed by a combination of several characters (Table 2), the most notable being the presence of a gynophore and ligule in Ficinia (including Desmoschoenus), presence of two or three scales in the lower florets in Hellmuthia, and perennial growth form and spiral glume arrangement in Scirpoides, whereas Isolepis includes predominantly annual species with a spiral glume arrangement.
An annual species with rudimentary gynophore described as Isolepis (I.
Floral ontogeny in Ficinia and Isolepis (Cyperaceae), with focus on nature and origin of the gynophore.