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a morbid fear of women

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A host of complications affects the outcome, chief among them representations of sex and gender performance that reveal gynophobic tendencies: "The text depicts the double-bind of profeminism in narrative terms by placing increasing emphasis on the effect of gynephobic motives" (92).
For many of us, this has meant that what seems most moving in Hemingway now is his persistent struggle, against enormous psychic odds, to resist his ossification into a man whose gynophobic self-loathing leads him to despise all feminine "softness"--both within and without him.
These figures in an oddly gynophobic fantasy devise a 'disaster capsule' that lures a space traveller to their planet and so they emerge as essentially updated sirens.
Bloody, homophobic, gynophobic and massively masculinist,'' it says of the latter, and you've got to admit that that's a whole lot funnier than ``boyishly foxy.
I admit that I myself was uncomfortable with this portrayal of Cynthia, as well as with the infamous scene in which she launches from her vagina a series of ping pony balls, as it seems both racist and gynophobic.