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Bembo's invocation of generation-in-beauty is but one stop along the path of his divine lover, but gynophobia is operative throughout his discourse.
We talk about homophobia, but what about gynophobia and androphobia?
Because discrimination is common towards LGBT persons, they are aware of impediments such as homophobia, gynophobia, (56) or transphobia.
connects iconophobia and gynophobia in Othello in Staging Reform,
For some readers, this is politically important: for example, too often, male fantasies of violence against women have been facilely labeled as "homoerotic"--as if gay men have cornered the market on gynophobia, and as if homoeroticism is necessarily marked by violence.
In Chapter IV, Book II, by employing the Greek terms "Menads" and "Amazons," Carlyle is referring to the gynophobia of the Athenians, evident in the politics of Aristotle in which he defined "gyneocracy" as women being out of control or transgressing their social restraint (Keuls 32).
In his "Outlaws: Gay Men in Feminism," Craig Owens argues that "the myth of homosexual gynophobia remains perhaps the most powerful obstacle to a political alliance of feminists and gay men" (219).
One strategy for accomplishing this is to renounce sexuality entirely, a project facilitated by a carefully cultivated gynophobia with its negative obsessive focus on the female body and its reproductive functions.
Iconophobia and gynophobia converge in Stuart love tragedies that undergo analysis in terms of a chiasmic interchange between the figuring of beautiful idols as women and beautiful women as idols.