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female parthenogenesis in which the embryo contains only maternal chromosomes due to the failure of the sperm to fuse with the egg nucleus

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So far, the artificial induction of gynogenesis in abalone has not achieved complete success, because no one has declared that they have obtained sex-matured gynogenetic diploid in abalone.
KEY WORDS: gynogenesis, abalone, Haliotis diversicolor supertexta, UV irradiation
In Crassostrea gigas, artificial induction of gynogenesis has been used to produce exclusively maternal inbred lines (Guo et al.
Conduct library research to learn more about at least three of the following: parthenogenesis, apomixis, gynogenesis, pseudogamy, facultative parthenogenesis, cyclical parthenogenesis, heterogony, thelytoky, arrhenotoky, parthenocarpy, and apomictic parthenogenesis.
His topics include cytogenetics and sex chromosomes, gynogenesis and consequences, triploidy and sterility, allogenesis and xenogenesis, sex change and hermaphroditism, and genetic sex determination.
The reproductive biology of Carassius species is complicated by the occurrence of gynogenesis [1].
From the unpollinated female gametophyte, it is possible to obtain haploids through a pathway known as gynogenesis (Bohanec, 2009).
The triploid forms that reproduce by gynogenesis have 141 to 160 (3n) chromosomes (Penaz et al.