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female parthenogenesis in which the embryo contains only maternal chromosomes due to the failure of the sperm to fuse with the egg nucleus

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The method of gynogenesis is used for production of the generations with female genetic materials, easily conduction of genetic analysis of characters in living creatures and information gathering relevant to the issues such as nutrition and disease resistance when accurate clones are produced [25-29].
Pressure and cold shock induction of meiotic gynogenesis and triploidy in the European sea bass, Dicentrarchus labrax L.
Both in vitro androgenesis and gynogenesis have been induced in cucurbit crops for doubled haploid production (Metwally et al.
Gynogenesis in the vine cacti Hylocereus and Selenicereus (Cactaceae).
Induction of triploidy and gynogenesis in teleost fish with emphasis on marine species.
The reproductive biology of Carassius species is complicated by the occurrence of gynogenesis [1].
From the unpollinated female gametophyte, it is possible to obtain haploids through a pathway known as gynogenesis (Bohanec, 2009).
Production of inbred lines using traditional systems takes a long time, while gynogenesis offers the possibility of haploid and dihaploid lines production in a shorter time.
The triploid forms that reproduce by gynogenesis have 141 to 160 (3n) chromosomes (Penaz et al.
The 27 papers in the 2005 edition of the annual volume review recent studies on the evolution of fluctuating asymmetry, polyandry, aphid- ant interactions, and agriculture in insects; and the evolutionary ecology of gynogenesis and plant adaptation to serpentine.
tigrinum) can form female triploid hybrids that reproduce via gynogenesis (Bogart & Licht 1986).
In addition, the offspring developed gynogenetically from XX females are all female, whereas the gynogenesis of ZW females produces only all male offspring because WW embryos die at an early stage of development.
1989), asexual reproduction in Phoxinus hybrids occurs via gynogenesis.