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a female gametoecium

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Indeed, the male flowers have a well-developed gynoecium with well-formed ovaries and ovules possessing normal integuments and a nucellus, although we could not confirm a normal embryo sac.
Gynoecium 3-carpellate; ovary densely tomentose, the wall very thick; styles connate their whole length.
The pollen grain is yellowish; gynoecium is bicarpelar, with bilocular ovary and axile placentation.
The gynoecium has three distinct regions (Figure 5c): an apical region, with the stigma, characterized by epidermal cells with ornamented cuticle; a middle region with a short stylet whose epidermal cells have a high number of stomata and a basal region of the ovary, characterized by the presence of a stamen ring with thin cuticle cells, stomata and multicellular squamiform tricomas (Figure 5d-g).
Similar tendency was noticed in case of stigma, style and ovary of carpel of gynoecium of passion flower.
americanus, has been described as having dioecious, unisexual flowers with either stamens or gynoecium aborting (Green 1958; Nesom 2012).
2) Flowers one day prior to maturity were selected for emasculation (3) Complete elimination of anther was ensured (4) Gynoecium was kept safe from all types of damages (5) Emasculated buds were wrapped before and after pollination.
counting numbers of parts or determining whether the same types of parts are free from each other or united), but others, such as floral symmetry and gynoecium structure, are more complex.
Nectaries of Chamaesyce, in which nectaries occur in the inflorescence, as in Euphorbia (So 2004) and Poinsettia, but are morphologically extrafloral (the cyathium being comprised of individual flowers of gynoecium or androecium only) might function in pollination as well as potential anti-herbivore defense, depending on the ecological context.
I am currently developing a gynoecium web page that will examine the problem areas of ovary superior/inferior, number of carpels, number of loculi, etc.
The biggest and ourtermost is a dish-like petal and the two smallest are posterior and partially protect the anthers and gynoecium (Fig.
This book is divided into 10 chapters: (1) Introduction, (2) Stamen and Androceium, (3) Pollen Development--theme and variations, (4) Pollen Development--details of stages, (5) Carpel and Gynoecium, (6) Ovule and Embryo Sac, (7) Pollination and Pollen-Stigma Interaction, Pollen Germination, (8) Pollen Tube Growth, and Double Fertilization, (9) Endosperm, and (10) The Embryo.
These traits included petal length, petal width, tallest stamen height, and gynoecium length.
An enlarged basal portion of a carpel or of a gynoecium composed of fused carpels.