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a specialist in gynecology

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If a gynecologist is the only doctor a woman sees in a year, that's an opportunity we can't afford to lose.
Interestingly, 45% of patients who preferred a female gynecologist and 30% who stated no sex preference for their gynecologist actually stated a male preference for a surgeon.
It is important to visit the gynecologist regularly for a full exam and Pap test, as well as make visits when you think you might have an infection or other medical problems.
Lisa Masterson, a Santa Monica gynecologist, you should have the brown stuff in your drawers checked out by your doctor only if it is accompanied by a foul or fishy odor.
This professional association provides referrals to gynecologists and has patient education materials.
If you get an abnormal exam result, discuss all possible factors with your gynecologist, including the medications you are taking.
A male, GOP gynecologist would probably tell her to quit her job, go home, put her feet up and bake cookies.
At Johns Hopkins University, a team of gynecologists and internists assembled to address the issue which resulted in a formal gynecologic curriculum for internal medicine residents that was eventually expanded to the publication of this book, directed towards the non-gynecologist.
Estrogen is a well-known cause of nausea," says obstetric gynecologist Felicia H.
A benefit both you and your gynecologist can appreciate.
Bruce Flamm, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Kaiser Permanente in Riverside and a pioneer of VBAC studies.
Ylikorkala, an obstetric gynecologist at Helsinki University Central Hospital.
This recommendation meant that before offering screening, a gynecologist had to ask a patient if she had multiple sex partners, a history of having a sexually transmitted disease, or a partner with such a history, or if she used a condom during every intercourse.
Each woman was asked what her gynecologist's initial opinion was toward UAE, what treatment options were offered, who initiated the discussion of UAE, and whether she continued to use the same gynecologist after UAE.