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of or relating to or practicing gynecology

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I cursed softly, if gynecologically, and sat down on a plastic seat, moulded to fit a variety of buttock sizes not entirely comfortably.
These days, I'm often gobsmacked by girls' outfits at their partiesand sometimes in shul, as well: gynecologically short skirts, bustier tops cantilevered over barely developed curves, nosebleed-inducing stratospheric heels.
even though the most common form - removal of the clitoral foreskin--is gynecologically equivalent to male circumcision and has similar (but false) purported health benefits.
The narrative swings wildly from a historical document of the struggle of African-Americans against oppression to gynecologically precise descriptions of sex and not simply a few.
All were apparently gynecologically healthy and were not taking oral contraceptives or any other drug known to influence the ovarian size.
Functional ovarian cysts in premenopausal and gynecologically healthy women.
The practice of nurse-midwifery, as defined by the ACNM, is "the independent management of care of essentially normal newborns and women, antepartally (before birth), intrapartally (during birth), postpartally (after birth) and/or gynecologically .