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Synonyms for gynecological

of or relating to or practicing gynecology

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Set of gynecological, vaginal mirror for cuzco, napkin, 1 parasitic latex gloves, gynecological probe for sampling, set, mirror disposable for gynecological examination (according to cucco), pcs.
In Pakistan, at present, there are only 4 gynecological oncologists and Dr.
Overall prevalence of gynecological morbidities was 21% which was significantly associated with age (p-value = 0.
The Eve Appeal's CEO, Athena Lamnisos, told Forbes magazine that the findings were released in an attempt to increase awareness about gynecological health issues, like symptoms of uterine, cervical, vaginal, vulvar, and ovarian cancer--which sexual partners can help identify.
Patients visiting the gynecological and going to chemists for getting the prescribed medicine were selected through probability based random sampling for this study.
She said it is shocking how both men and women have low levels of awareness of the symptoms of gynecological cancer, according to the Daily Mail.
Obesity, which is one of our most serious health issues in the country, causes an increase in estrogen production and chronic inflammation resulting in a greater risk of gynecological cancer," said Dr.
Transparency Market Research found that continued growth in the global gynecological devices market is attributed to the changing lifestyle in the modern world, and increase in per capita income in the emerging markets.
Gynecological cancer is the third most common cancer among the busy nuclear medicine and radiotherapy center catering thousands of population of Sindh province and majority presented in advance stage thus imposing massive financial burden on state.
Comment: The incidence of UTI is 10% to 64% among women undergoing elective gynecological surgery during which a catheter is placed.
Get more insights about the Global Gynecological Device Market or request for sample of this report - http://www.
USPRwire, Wed Sep 17 2014] Australia Gynecological Devices Market Outlook to 2020
bring together 37 chapters by surgeons, gynecologists, gynecological oncologists, and other specialists from Europe and North America detailing the investigative and surgical procedures carried out by gynecologic oncologists.
In the drive of expanding gynecological segment penetration, Novartis PMT Team extended its support through active participation in Regional Gynecological Conference bearing Theme "Genital Tract Fistula" on 4th March, 2011 at a local hotel.
explores the use of hypnotic techniques with gynecological and obstetrical patients the primary techniques and theoretical frameworks are explained, followed by case examples with a problematic obstetrical patient, and antenatal group, two cases of hyperemesis, gravidarium, and a patient fearful of inserting a vaginal applicator Kroger's method, which is primarily used, and the process, problems, and issues are explored while the case examples focus on pathological situations, these techniques are also useful in normal obstetrical and gynecological situations